Wednesday, January 13, 2010


1) India plays more Test matches. India gloriously achieved the No.1 status in Test cricket last year and BCCI responded with arranging more Test matches for this year. Playing only 2 Test matches for the entire year is ridiculous. Everyone is predicting the death of Test cricket in the coming years but the kind of Tests we had in last year at Sydney, Napier, Centurion and Cardiff suggest otherwise, and it is exciting that India, South Africa and Srilanka tussle it out for supremacy in Test cricket.

2) Manchester United buys someone to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. 80M Pounds in the bank account sounds good only when the team is doing well. There is no doubt that Utd are missing CR7 and his creativity, and the number of draws is the proof for that. They badly need an impact player which CR7 was. Only such a player can win matches against teams which come to OT and park their defensive bus in front of the goal. It is only January and Utd has already lost 5 matches, which is more than what they lost in the entire season last time and they have lost some of their Old Trafford aura.

3) Rafael Nadal gets back to his marauding ways. It was exhilarating to watch him and Federer exchanging punches and counter punches in four consecutive Grandslam finals.

4) England wins the world cup. This is the year of World cup and South Africa – 2010 sounds mouthwatering. With Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, Defoe, Crouch, Ferdinand and Carraghar, this appears England’s best chance in the last 20 years. It is appalling that England which has the most watched and most efficient Football league in the world has won the Worldcup only once.

5) Power and cable TV connection let me to watch all the races in 2010! The king is back in the track and this year promises to be a cracker for F1. For all those who imagined, argued and contemplated about how Micheal Schumacher could have fared against a fully throttled Lewis Hamilton, 2010 brings the reality and answer. His decision to come back to racing, albeit for a different team than Ferrari was a boon for the sport which was plagued by withdrawals of so many teams and the infamous crashgate.

6) Tiger Woods gets back to what he was doing best, in the greens ofcourse! The way media pounced on him after he revealed his transgressions showed that we still believe in the myth that a good sportsman is a good person too. He still remains the best golfer on the planet and whom he wants to sleep with should be left to himself only.

7) More and more exciting draws in Test cricket. There is nothing like watching a hard fought hard earned draw in Tests. Saving a Test match from a losing position is an art and it is the sign of a good Test team.