Monday, April 30, 2007


1) Looking back, the most comic prediction about this WC was this one being the most open WC ever in the history. And after 54 days as usual Australia steamrolled everyone who came in their way and normal service was restored.

2) Looking back, the most poignant moment this WC produced was Inzamam Ul Haq leaving the field amidst tears after his last match in coloured clothing. Such a huge man both in status and stature, crying and leaving the field was really emotional.

3) Looking back, this WC was an absolute disaster for Pakistan. They crashed out of the WC in the first round itself, their captain resigned from captaincy and retired from one day cricket and as if this was not enough their coach was murdered and they were asked to play in spite of that. Pakistan cricket is in shambles and it is time for us to rally behind them and give our support. No cricketer or for that matter no true cricket lover would rejoice at the sight of a cricket tradition being turned to rags and bones. There is no better sight in cricket than Inzy playing the cover drive with that lazy elegance with the air of a man having a leisurely stroll in his backyard or a full tilt Shoaib Aktar steaming in. We must do everything to see those moments as long as possible.

4) Looking back, the one disappointment for me is I wanted WI to win their last match and see Bria Lara saying good bye with a smiling face. That didn’t happen. But the match was a true reflection of his entire career. Being run out by his team mate, there was a tinge of sadness when he walked back to the pavilion. And after rallying his team for almost 100 overs when the team lost, one couldn’t stop thinking about the disappointments he had in his entire career. But after the match, during the prize distribution ceremony, when he asked “did I entertain?”, the answer was thunderous cheer. Hearing that, the pure joy and happiness of watching Brian Lara for the last 16 years came all of sudden to my mind.

5) This was the most boring WC I have seen. No, not because India crashed out but too many one sided matches, too many unwanted incidents, less crowd and less excitement. The feeling of watching cricket in Caribbean without the involvement of people is so void, so hollow and so empty. It took 7 weeks and 50 matches to find out that Australia is the best, which we already knew.

6) Looking back, personally this has been a satisfying WC. My favourite team Aus won the cup, an effervescent batsman such as Gilchrist won the MOM and my all time favourite McGrath got 26 wickets and Man of the series. But all these things don’t make this a not boring one.

7) Looking back, I am sad that it got over. Now there is nothing to watch at 7 o clock. I am feeling an emptiness inside. And I cant wait for 2011 when it returns to India. It will be wonderful spectacle and I already started the countdown.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I got the following piece as a forward and found it very interesting and true. May this serve as an eye opener for many third rate fanatics who consider themselves as cricket fans

Daily we are receiving countless mails, showing pictures of Indian cricketers as barber, milkman, coolie, cook, butcher etc etc. Just answer these questions before we go ahead…

1. We go to temples, make lots of wishes to god, some of them come true, some don’t…will you start burning effigies of gods and goddess.. If god can fall short of our expectations…they are just human beings!!!!!!!

2. India is still a developing nation; most of us come from average middle class families. Tell me if,google or sun comes to you and offer you ten times what infy is paying. What will u do????Every one of us is striving for more money..these cricketers are not the family members of TATA n Birlas…like us they do ve every right to make money. They do so cuz they have the stuff. Like ur here in infy cuz ur gud enough for it.

3. India ranked no.6 prior to start of wc-2007…!!!!!!!!!!if a no 6 team can so easily win the wc….guys n gals…be ready all of u r going to onsite a PM/GPM/SPM or who knows Nandan might nominate you as the next ceo of ITL tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. How many among us are IITians or have come even from top 10 engg colleges of India…(????)but be honest haan…you must have taken all these exams n entrance..after class 12th but u didn’t succeed!!!rite as simple as that!!accept ur failure!!!what ur parents did…they started mourning over the dummies kept as your dead bodies..or they also burned your effigies..did ur mother stop giving you food or father stopped giving u pocket money!!!!haan..they backed you..always supported you paid heavy donations and fee to let you complete ur engg and beared all your other expenses till u got the right job!!!!!!these cricketers are our fellow Indians our very own blood…they are going through a rough patch of time so instead of backing them up we are abusing them..

5. Your mom n dad calls u late in the night ur still at ur office..they say ..son ..go n have ur your best….when u will get salary hikes..promotion..or remember your college days…dad calls u..son why r u getting less marks in every subject…YOUR REPLIES::::::::::”oh common…dad,mom u don’t really tough,only I can understand bla bla ….guys….same is the agony of these cricketers…no one can understand how it feels to be in the middle..n burdened with expectations of a billion ppl….shame on us we hardly live up to expectations of merely two persons(our parents!!!!)!!!!

6. We produce false certificates,claims to get posted at our desired locations..or if not we will run away to our hometown..on a leave…saying “I am feeling homesick”!!! Remember Sachin…wc-1999 his father died in India…while he was in England he came n rushed back to support and play for his team n country!!!!!!how many of us can even think of this !!!

7. Lastly it’s the mistake made by ourselves that we don’t consider a game..just as a game…its we the ppl of India who made these cricketers dummy gods..simply fanatic..thank god fans in Zimbabwe,Canada and Netherlands are not like us or imagine what they would have done to their teams if expecting them to win world cup!!!Try to live up within the spirit of the game…take a game like the way it should be.

8. Frnz…this is a tough time for our cricketers and their families..stand beside em’ support them they badly need it..they are already upset don’t add up to their agony n pain..

N lets get together n say…HOO-HAA INDIA…..PHIR “AAYEGA” INDIA!!!!!!!!!

Hope this makes sense to at least some of you..So please stop forwarding those nonsense mails/jokes on them…

CRICKET is only an entertainment for us…but its LIFE for them…They always wish more than us to “WIN”.